While exploring a city on your own steam may be preferable to many travellers, there is something to be said for having a guide. From pointing out interesting landmarks that may have gone by unnoticed, to helping you barter with local informal traders, guided walking tours are always worth investigating on your urban travels. Explore Cape Town’s City Walk via: Footsteps to Freedom, Cape Town Free Walking Tours or the City Sightseeing Walking Tours.

Here in Cape Town, the City Walk offers an enjoyable route through the CBD, taking you past a host of fascinating historical landmarks, no less than four Iziko museums, a smorgasbord of coffee  (keep the name Motherland in mind), lunch (Doppio Zero for hearty fare and Nuri for sushi) and dining (indulge at The Taj’s Mint Restaurant) options, as well as a range of shopping opportunities.


Come on in. We’re pouring.

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To ensure that you make the most of your City Walk experience, consider signing up for one of these three guided walking tours:

1. Footsteps to Freedom

Starting at the Robert Gray Memorial at the top of St George’s Mall, the City Walking Tour will take you to a number of Cape Town favourites, including the Adderley Street flower sellers, Green Market Square, the Slave Lodge, Church Square and the Company’s Garden. With a local guide offering specialist insights, walkers can expect to enjoy memorable interactions with people on the street and gather a wealth of intriguing stories about the historical heart of Cape Town. They also offer the Mandela in Cape Town tour, which follows a similar route, but with a specific focus on the iconic South African’s journey from prisoner to president.

Duration: 4 hours (10:30 – 14:30)

Cost: R1 760 for four guests

Exploring the city on foot. What a city, so much to see. So many coffee shops to try. #capetownsoul

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2. Cape Town FREE Walking Tours

Heroes and villains, political violence and peaceful revolutions, drama and harmony – this is the fodder of Nielsen’s Cape Town Free Walking Tour and all related with style and flair by a living, breathing Capetonian. Tours start from Green Market square at 11:00 or 14:20 daily and you will recognise your guide by his/her bright green umbrella! No need to make a booking.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: No really… it’s FREE.

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3. City Sightseeing FREE Walking Tours

Although City Sightseeing may be synonymous with red buses, they also offer the option of exploring various parts of the city on foot. Starting at the Long Street tour office (stop 5 on the red bus route), the Historic City Walk takes guests past all Cape Town CBD’s most notable landmarks, including St George’s Cathedral, City Hall and the Company’s Garden. The specialist local guides will share stories stemming from a mix of first-hand experiences, historical facts and folklore.

Duration: 90 minutes (starting at 11:00 or 14:15)

Cost: FREE!

Cape Town’s gorgeous and historic City Hall! #CapeRedBus

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Bonus option: Voice Map

Not quite in the mood for other people? That’s okay too. Download the free Voice Map Walking Tour app and browse the delectable variety of Cape Town-based tours, narrated by a range of bestselling authors, expert correspondents, veteran broadcasters, passionate locals, and many more. While the app is free, the tours are available for purchase and cost anything between $1 and $10.


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