The Cape Town Big 7 attractions have been very busy making your visiting experience bigger and better. Here is a list of new activities that you can enjoy:

The V&A Waterfront’s electric car charging stations

Hot on the heels of becoming the first entity of its kind in Africa to receive and maintain Heritage Platinum Status for two years in a row, the V&A Waterfront further demonstrated their commitment to sustainability by unveiling a series of electric car charging stations on the property this month.

Read more about this exciting new facility here.

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Seniors Campaign

The V&A Waterfront is celebrating its senior citizens this year with our “Especially for you” seniors campaign design​ed to entice our elder visitors and highlight j​ust why it’s great to be over 60! Be sure to sign up, to take advantage of the numerous retail and leisure options at the V&A Waterfront.

Find out all you need to know here.

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Robben Island

Robben Island Virtual Tour App

The guided tour of the Island includes a virtual visit to South Africa’s first democratically elected president Nelson Mandela’s prison cell and activist Robert Sobukwe’s house. The imagery and tour provides glimpses into the story of the Island and some of its more famous prisoners.

“Robben Island is a symbol of South Africa’s fight for freedom,” and they hope to educate people around the world about this heritage, allowing them to explore the island from any device, anywhere in the world.

Download your free Audio Tour here.

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Table Mountain Cableway

The WiFi Lounge

Get connected in the clouds above the Mother City at Table Mountain Cableway’s new Wi-Fi Lounge, which is open to all visitors wanting to connect, share, post, Tweet or simply take a seat and gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Situated in the Upper Cable Station, the Wi-Fi Lounge opens its doors as the first cable car comes up at 8.30am and closes with the last car’s departure. Plug and USB points for recharging devices are located throughout the lounge, with seating options ranging from cork stools at high tables to chairs and even comfy sofas.

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The Audio Tour

At your own pace, learn about the fauna and flora at the summit while you marvel at the wondrous view below you or stop to take a photo of the sunset over the Atlantic ocean.

The audio tour starts at the Lower Cable Station – where you can download the VoiceMap application for free using our Wi-Fi. And if you’re standing in a ticket or cable car queue, it’ll keep you entertained before welcoming you to the Upper Cable Station, where your hour-long audio exploration begins.

Listen to the narration of several individuals sharing their interesting insights, including Tony Lourens on hiking among the wilderness on Table Mountain. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you’re in for a fact-filled treat. Download it free here.

Table Mountain Cableway’s New N7W Silo District Frame

The V&A Waterfront’s Silo District is now home to a yellow Table Mountain New7Wonders (N7W) frame, the seventh in a series introduced across the city to celebrate Table Mountain being named a New7Wonder of Nature in 2011. Take a photo and share it with us on social media!


City Walk

While it may not be a physical addition, the City Walk has become quite the hot spot for fans of the wildly popular augmented reality Pokémon game. The Company’s Garden, in particular, has a wealth of Pokéstops, as well as a Pokémon gym at the cathedral. Since it draws a large number of players on a daily basis, it also boasts a higher concentration of rare Pokémon. Although the game has garnered its fair share of criticism, we love the way it’s drawn people out of their homes and offices to walk the city streets, exploring them anew, even making friends out of strangers as they go.
Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Pokémon lure events happening in and around the Company’s Garden.

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Access for wheelchair users

All visitor facilities, i.e. entrance gates, restaurants, shops and venues, are wheelchair friendly. The wheelchair friendly areas of the Garden include the central area between the Visitors’ Centre (Gate 1) and the Centre for Home Gardening (Gate 2), incorporating the Conservatory, the area surrounding the Main Lawn, parts of the Dell, Fragrance Garden, Peninsula Garden, Sculpture Garden and concert area.

What's new
Braille Trail
The Braille Trail will take you 15-30 minutes to complete and is 0.45 km long. It is a short, self-guided trail that gives visually impaired people the chance to discover an indigenous forest, unassisted, and encourages everyone to explore the forest with all their senses. The trail starts and ends at the Fragrance Garden.

The entire trail is outlined by a guide rope. It takes you on a circular, winding route through natural forest and over wetland, which is home to many birds and frogs. The path is mulched with no steps. Boardwalks take the visitor over the wetland area and over any exposed tree roots on the path. Wheelchair users can take the trail but will need assistance as the path is relatively steep and the surface is rough and uneven.

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Cape Point

Audio tour
Cape Point has a free audio tour that provides an all-encompassing sensory experience, while you’re exploring the beauty of this iconic site. The audio tour, created by VoiceMap, gives fascinating facts — including maritime history, fauna, flora, Cape Point legends and some of the key points of interest. It’s available via the iPhone App store or the Google Play store for Android and here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading the app. Read more about it here.

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Groot Constantia

New Constantia Valley Tourism Office 

The opening of a region specific tourism office is an exciting development for the Constantia Valley and its neighbourhoods as it will help to enlighten and promote the region to all visitors, while also providing a central point to gather resources and information about local services and events.

It is expected that the tourism centre will become a meeting place for all the businesses, services, and amenities in the region.

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Unique new Visitor’s Route experience

In response to significant growth in visitor numbers, Groot Constantia is rolling out a unique NEW Visitor’s Route experience – which will be available in time for the  Summer 2016/17 season. Four years of continuous growth in numbers saw Groot Constantia welcome over 400 000 visitors in 2015 alone – which has led to the need to enhance the Groot Constantia experience so that guests are allowed increased, and more personalised interaction, with the staff and offerings at the estate.

The creation of this new Visitor’s Route experience at Groot Constantia is an exciting development for what is South Africa’s oldest wine producing estate, with an uninterrupted record of wine production since its inception in 1685 – boasting a proud heritage of 331 years this year.

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